Liberal “Results”: The Real Tracker

In November, the Liberal government used your tax dollars to launch, a self-congratulatory mid-mandate progress report of sorts.

Never mind the irony of the Liberal government giving the Liberal government a glowing review of its own accomplishments; it contains countless stretches of the truth and omits just as many facts.

In response, we have put together this far more accurate analysis of the first two years of Justin Trudeau’s mandate.

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families now
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$45billion deficits

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days until
2019 Election


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“Modest” Deficits

Broken Promise
In 2015, Justin Trudeau promised “modest” deficits of “only” $10 billion per year.
● He immediately broke that promise in his first budget.
● In 2017, the annual deficit now sits at $17.8 billion, 80% higher than their initial projections.
● The Liberal government is now projecting that by 2018 those deficits will reach $19.9 billion.
● Trudeau has been quoted saying “the budget will balance itself” which shows the Liberals have no plan to balance the budget, only to keep spending hard-working Canadians’ tax dollars.
● The Liberals, facing ever mounting deficits of their own creation, are now planning more ways to tax Canadians.
  Now, the latest report from Trudeau’s own finance department showed that Canada will have deficits until 2045.
● Trudeau doesn’t have a revenue problem, he has a spending problem and he is sticking Canadian families with the bill!
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Broken Promise
● Justin Trudeau promised he would set a new standard of “openness” and “transparency” for his government. This has turned out to be a completely empty commitment.
● Trudeau’s proposed changes to the Access to Information Act (Bill C-58) have been widely panned. In fact, the Information Commissioner said they were a “regression of existing rights” and that she would “much prefer to keep the status quo”.
● On multiple occasions Trudeau’s government have tried to force through changes in the House of Commons that would make it harder to hold them to account. Only unified resistance has protected Canada’s democracy from the worst of these changes… so far.
● Trudeau’s Finance Minister, Bill Morneau, broke the ethics rules when he:
    ○ Failed to report an offshore company he set up in France to give himself a tax advantage;
    ○ Didn’t put his millions of dollars of shares he had in a private pension company in a blind trust even after he said he would; then
    ○ Introduced pension legislation that could profit those same shares!
● It came as no surprise then, that the Liberals have suddenly changed their tune on their Cabinet Ministers’ ethical obligations.
Now, the Ethics Commissioner has released her report on Justin Trudeau’s Bahamas vacation to a billionaire lobbyist’s private island, and found Trudeau committed multiple violations of federal law:
    ○ Accepting gifts that could influence decision-making;
    ○ Not recusing himself from discussions that could further private interests;
    ○ Failing to arrange his private affairs to avoid this opportunity; and
    ○ Accepting travel on a non-commercial aircraft.
The Conservative Party tried to get answers by bringing the Prime Minister to the Ethics Committee.
But the Liberal committee members blocked Conservative efforts to get answers for Canadians.
The Liberals are utterly failing in their promise of openness and transparency.
● Canadians expect honesty and integrity from their government, but what they have now is a hypocritical and entitled Liberal government with a pattern of deception.
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Small Business taxes

Partial credit
● Justin Trudeau first said he’d honour the Conservative commitment of a tax break for small businesses – lowering it from 11% to 9%.
● The Liberals broke that promise in 2016, and reversed the planned Conservative cut.
● Only now, a year later, and only after months of criticism and lobbying from the Conservative Party, is Justin Trudeau flip-flopping once again, and re-committing to the Conservative small business tax cut.
● He is doing this now to change the channel from his other massive tax increases.
● You cannot trust Justin Trudeau to give you a tax break. When Justin Trudeau promises he won’t raise taxes – just don’t believe him.
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Electoral Reform

Broken Promise
● In 2015, Justin Trudeau promised Canadians that he would implement electoral reform.
● He confidently declared that “the 2015 election will be the last federal election using first-past-the-post”.
● After a six-month consultation process on electoral reform, the all-party committee, which consulted broadly with Canadians from across the country, advised the Liberal government that any change to Canada’s voting system should be put to a referendum.
● The Liberals, after not getting their desired result, claimed that the committee recommendations were “too radical”, and “racing toward a predetermined deadline”.
● The Liberals then completely abandoned their commitment, announcing that electoral reform will no longer be in their mandate.
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Middle Class

Broken Promise
Trudeau promised to give middle class Canadians a tax break and make the tax system “more fair”.
But, according to the Fraser Institute, after two years of Liberal rule, 81% of middle-class families are already paying more tax under the Liberals!
Also, in its most recent study, The Fraser Institute showed that 92% of middle-class families will be paying more taxes when all of the planned Liberal taxes are implemented.
When these new tax policies come into effect, Canadian families will be paying an average of $2,218 in additional taxes per year.
It’s easy to see how:
● The Liberals increased taxes on public transit, by getting rid of the Public Transfer Tax credit;
● They’ll increase taxes on Hydro, gasoline and home heating, thanks to the anticipated Trudeau carbon tax;
● They increased taxes on working Canadians, by raising premiums for the Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance;
● They increased taxes on Diabetics and people with Autism, with a claw-back of a long-standing disability tax credit;
● They increased taxes on family businesses, by bringing in a higher tax rate for compensation to kids and spouses that Revenue Canada deems unreasonable
● They increased taxes on local Businesses, by promising to bring a tax of up to 73% on passive (investment) income;
● They increased taxes on families, by eliminating the Universal Child Care Benefit, the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit, and the Children’s Art Tax Credit;
● They increased taxes on student text books, by removing tax credits for post-secondary education and textbooks;
● Just recently, they increased taxes on beer and wine, by increasing the federal excise tax and adding a clause so that it goes up every year; and
● They even tried to tax health and dental benefits, employee discounts.
Sadly, the list of Liberal tax hikes just goes on and on.
Not only is Trudeau taking money from hard-working Canadians, he is also running massive deficits, with no plan to ever balance the budget. Canadian families are hurting because of the policies of the Trudeau government.
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Defence Spending

Broken Promise
● The Liberal government promised to maintain the previous Conservative Government’s National Defence spending levels, including current planned increases.
● They immediately broke that promise.
● With their first two budgets the Liberals cut billions from capital project funding starting in 2016. In an era of reckless Liberal spending, it is appalling that the largest cuts are consistently at the expense of the Canadian Armed Forces.
● They have again promised additional funding, but – surprise surprise – that funding will not be made available until AFTER the next election.
● Canadian Armed Forces members who are injured in the line of duty are seeing their benefits and allowances significantly cut. These changes could cost individual members and their families more than $23,000 per year.
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Broken Promise
● The Liberals promised an additional $775 million per year for job and skills training.
● They proudly touted this as a measure to help Canadians get the training they need to find and keep good jobs.
● But the Liberals have only added a fraction of that, and far below the promised amount.
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Canadian Energy

Broken Promise
● The Liberals promised to balance economic and environmental interests
● After spending a BILLION dollars ensuring the project met strict environmental standards, TransCanada Corp was forced to pull the plug on the Energy East project after encountering Justin Trudeau’s needless red tape.
● The sudden inclusion of upstream and downstream emissions created an impossible regulatory process for the pipeline and gave TransCanada no choice but to cancel the pipeline.
● Justin Trudeau’s job-killing policies created too many unnecessary complications and killed the project.
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Broken Promise
● During the 2015 election, the Liberals promised an increase of $125-billion in infrastructure spending over 10 years.
● So far, Infrastructure Canada’s website shows that there is $20.5 billion left unspent across 13 programs.
● Concerns have been raised by cities that they don’t have enough time to spend their transit and water money.
PBO’s current monitoring reflects their expectation that the federal government will not spend all the money for housing and infrastructure investment as it originally anticipated.
The Liberals promised spending on infrastructure in order to stimulate the economy but their infrastructure plan is not working – it is not growing the economy and infrastructure projects are not getting built.
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Free Votes

Broken Promise
● The Liberals promised that for members of the Liberal Caucus, all votes will be free votes with the exception of:
    ○ Those that implement the Liberal electoral platform;
    ○ Traditional confidence matters, like the budget; and
    ○ Those that address our shared values and the protections guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
● This promise was clearly broken when Liberal Caucus member, MP Wayne Long, was punished for voting against the government on a motion that would have extended the consultation process for the Liberal’s small businesses tax hikes.
● Long was kicked off of two parliamentary committees for supporting the opposition motion.
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Fair treatment of veterans

Broken Promise
● The Liberals promised that they will demonstrate the respect and appreciation for our veterans that Canadians rightly expect, and ensure that no veteran has to fight the government for the support and compensation they have earned.
● Trudeau is now taking veterans back to court to attempt to block certain benefits for injured and wounded veterans.
● Canadian Armed Forces members who are injured in the line of duty are seeing their benefits and allowances significantly cut. These changes could cost individual members and their families more than $23,000 per year.
● Justin Trudeau should be doing everything in his power to support our troops who put themselves in harm’s way to defend our country, yet he chooses instead to cut their pay and benefits.
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